Jess Rose 👋

What I do

Hi. If you've come to this page, you probably want to learn a bit more about what I do. I'm lucky enough to get to spend a lot of my time working on teaching, passion projects and independent research that I get asked this a lot.

I'm a developer relations and developer education strategist with 10 years of experience. I focus on working with open source projects.

I work part time as the technology community lead at the Mozilla Foundation for Common Voice, a copyright free, multilingual speech corpus. I manage the open source platform that drives the dataset, own documentation, handle outreach strategy and promote the project.

I founded and co-run the Bad Website Club, a free web and JavaScript bootcamp that supports the freeCodeCamp curricula. We've served over 50,000 unique learners globally since 2020.

I am available for consulting or contracts around these commitments and I'm always excited to find projects I can learn and explore with. Even if a project isn't a good fir for me, I'm often able to (and excited to) introduce you to other talent in my network that might be a great match.

The contracts I like best are ongoing strategy consulting roles to let add deeply experienced support and insights into an existing team. These arrangements generally involve a retainer agreement with me joining key planning meetings throughout your workweek and joining in further activities as needed. I'm always happy to prioritize these contracts in my scheduling.

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Hire Jess for

  • 🌸 Developer relations strategy
  • đŸŒē Developer education strategy
  • đŸŒģ Technical and education content
  • đŸŒŧ Talk writing and coaching
  • đŸĒģ Open source consulting
  • đŸĒˇ OSS and linguistics research tasks

Don't hire Jess for

  • đŸ‘ē Ethics mismatches
  • ☕ī¸ Constant-crunch projects
  • 💸 Crypto/Web 3 projects
  • ⚔ī¸ High conflict teams